At the 2nd of the IKABI and “Laskar Award” recipient, asked surgeons who were involved in orthopaedic surgery to come together founding the PABOI (Perkumpulan Ahli Bedah Orthopaedi Indonesia).

Nine surgeons started as founding members of the association:

  • Prof.DR.R. Soeharso (Chairman of the Pusat Rehabilitasi Surakarta),
  • Dr. Soebiakto W (Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia, Jakarta),
  • Dr. Nagar Rasyid Nasution (Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of Padjajaran, Bandung).
  • Dr. Syamsul Maarif (Army surgeon at the Tjimahi Army Hospital -Bandung),
  • Dr. Herman Sukarman and Dr. Kunadi Wihardjo (Pusat Rehabilitasi Surakarta),
  • Dr. R. Saleh Mangunsudirdjo (Resident in Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine University of Diponegoro-Semarang),
  • Dr. Tajib Salim and Dr. Soelarto Reksoprodjo (Surgeons Trainers of the Orthopaedic Training Program of Care Medico Orthopaedic Overseas – Faculty of Medicine of University of Indonesia)

held in Hotel Homan on the 25 September 1969 declared the PABOI at the Biannual General Assembly Meeting of the IKABI was accepted anonymously, Dr. R. Gray from Adelaide who was the consultant on September 1969 of the training program acted as witness of the foundation.

The Office Bearers were:

  • Prof. DR. R. Soeharso as Chairman
  • Dr. Soebiakto W as Vice Chairman
  • Dr. Kunadi Wihardjo as Secretary / Treasure
  • The PABOI was immediately involved in the training program which was started the 1st October 1968 initiated by the CARE Medico Orthopaedic Overseas in cooperation with the faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia and Department of health.

Since the members were only 9 surgeons, the assembly of members always joined during the biannual , meeting of the IKABI.

Unfortunately in 27 February 1971 Prof. DR. R. Soeharso as chairman of the Association passed away, Dr. Soebiakto who was the project officer of the training program, as Vice Chairman acting as chairman and the next biannual meeting of the IKABI November 1971 in Surabaya has was not able to attend and gave a mandate to Dr. Soelarto Reksoprodjo, as successor of Dr. Soebiakto as project officer, to get together with other members to organize the PABOI to have ad elect new officer bearers of the association. Dr. Soelarto Reksoprodjo was elected as the new chairman, Dr. Herman Sukarman as Vice Chairman and Dr. Chehab Rukni Hilmy as Secretary, acted as witness Dr. Ellis Griffith, consultant of the training program from Perth-Australia.

To get together of members of the PABOI still joined the IKABI at 4th biannual meeting of IKABI in Yogyakarta 1973, problems of who is full member of the association arose. Soelarto as president was absent because together with Dr. Soekarna attending “Symposium Orthopaedic in Developing Countries” held in Oxford UK. Since then the PABOI decided to have their own meeting. Dr. Soebiakto passed away May 1974. We then organized a scientific meeting in Jakarta November 1974, bringing together 17 members of the PABOI, 75 papers were presented, that meeting was then decided as the 1st Congress of the PABOI.

Dr. George Bedbrook, on behalf of the Australian Orthopaedic Association donated “The Chairman Opening Hammer”. At the same time we decided to have our own attribute such as the logo of the Association, the Pendulum of the chairman, the Journal M.O.I (Majalah Orthopaedi Indonesia) which started as bulletin of the proceeding of the meeting, beside the COE (Continuing Orthopaedic Education) semi annually started May 1974 and the Indonesian Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. 9 honorary members were inaugurated, they were person s who concerned with the development of orthopaedic surgery in Indonesia:

  • Prof. Mahar Mardjono
  • Prof. Oetama
  • Prof. Djamaluddin
  • Prof. Odang
  • Prof. Daiji Kashiwagi
  • Prof. George Bedbrook
  • Mr. Ronald Beetham
  • Prof. Alain Patel
  • Dr. Bloch

That moment was a very important milestone of the PABOI, because of the Department of Health decided that the Indonesian Orthopaedic training program, helped and supported by the CARE Medico should be able to run by the local staff, after 7 years of aids by CARE Medico.

With a good personal communication with former overseas consultants such as Mr. Ronald Beetham ad Bill Cumming the PABOI still able to continue the final exam of the Orthopaedic Training, by inviting external examiner, held semi annually. Only 2 surgeons were able to join the Training, that is why the growth of orthopaedic surgery at the beginning was very slow until the 3rd tri annual meeting of PABOI in Bandung 1980, the post graduated training of orthopaedic surgery was recognized and accepted by the Dept. of Education and Culture, who took over in 1978 all kind of education and training programs under the Director General of Higher Education, Dept. of Education & Culture.

We allowed to accept general practitioners after they finished their national duties to work at health centers in The Rural area.

Two centers were appointed, Jakarta (University of Indonesia) and Surabaya (University of Airlangga). Not only that, but also that we are able to get resident in training every six months.

The curriculum of training suggested by the PABOI was accepted by the Consortium of Medical Sciences (CMS, later became CHS: Consortium of Health Sciences) consists of 2 years basic surgery and 2.5 years orthopaedics. Later, Faculty of Medicine University Padjajaran, Bandung was appointed as the 3rd Center of training and in 1998 also Faculty of Medicine University of Hasanuddin, Ujung Pandang as the 4th Center.

Another milestone which is important, that at the meeting in Bandung we started to have a President Elect, so that more members have the chance to be the President of the association; The Law and by Laws has been amended and more office bearers of the organization as well as the place of meetings.